KICKFIST ‘The Violent InSanity EP’ gets rave review from Musically Fresh Magazine and hits page 1!

“Upon listening to KICKFIST, one thing is as clear as a fist to the face; the blatant nature of their influences. These guys are well educated in metal muscle. Listing in their influences the likes of Pantera, Black Label Society and Slipknot, you get a pretty hefty impression of what you are dealing with….
…..A vulgar display of power!”

KICKFIST’s self produced debut ‘The Violent InSanity EP’ gets critical acclaim from Musically Fresh Magazine who gave a track by track breakdown of the recording and were sold on KICKFIST’s “strong sense of authenticity”.
This fantastic review just pushes all the more that KICKFIST are the real deal and force to be reckoned with in the UK metal scene.

Read the full article here now!

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